I have installed the Simple Login Manager, slimas my login manager for xorg. I am using the Lumina desktop and FreeBSD 12.0.

SLiM is a lightweight login manager for X11, allowing the initialization of a graphical session by entring username and password in a login screen.

I installed it with:

pkg install slim

Also placed into /etc/rc.conf


The graphical login interfaces does appear, however after inputing login and password, it gives the error Failed to execute login command.

What to do?

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The suggested fix found in the a FreeBSD forum is to create a ~/.xinitrc and call your desktop manager, lumina in my case, from it. The .xinitnrc also has to have the executable bit set.

As in:

cat << EOF > ~/.xinitrc
exec start-lumina-desktop

chmod a+x ~/.xinitrc

After this change, I am able to login using slim.

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