I have installed the Simple Login Manager, slimas my login manager for xorg. I am using the Lumina desktop and FreeBSD 12.0.

SLiM is a lightweight login manager for X11, allowing the initialization of a graphical session by entring username and password in a login screen.

I installed it with:

pkg install slim

Also placed into /etc/rc.conf


The graphical login interfaces does appear, however after inputing login and password, it gives the error Failed to execute login command.

What to do?


The suggested fix found in the a FreeBSD forum is to create a ~/.xinitrc and call your desktop manager, lumina in my case, from it. The .xinitnrc also has to have the executable bit set.

As in:

cat << EOF > ~/.xinitrc
exec start-lumina-desktop

chmod a+x ~/.xinitrc

After this change, I am able to login using slim.

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