I'm scratching my head here, trying to follow a basic Red Hat study guide.

I have a centos 7 host and installed a centos 7 guest os with virt-manager/qemu.

I configured a static IP of for the guest and I can't get it to access the internet through my host or even ping it from the host.

Can someone give me a simple guide. I'm not trying to do anything complicated. Do I need to set up a bridge between host and guest?

EDIT: I got it working and the answer is quite boring.

I just deleted the guest OS and started again with stock networking settings and worked from there. I eventually got the required static IP and I think I might have missed out specifying the gateway address and DNS server the first time round. These are both and my static IP was but the DHCP range was - out of an available subnet of I expected that my static IP (50) might get in the way of the DHCP range but I think that manually specifying the gateway/DNS and static IP prevented libvirt from getting address conflicts and I was able to boot the VM with DNS and internet access via NAT through the host! :-D


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Yes setup a bridge. If I remember the guides right, this is what redhat and SUSE tell you there.

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