Following is a part from a shell script written by someone in my organization.

while read -r line
    #split if needed
    arrName=$(echo $line | cut -d"." -f1)
    if [ {$HOSTNAME^^} == {$arrName^^} ]; then
        echo "Perfect $arrName"
        echo "$1" >> $TEMPFILE
done < compuetrnames.txt

The entire script was understandable for me except this one line

if [ {$HOSTNAME^^} == {$arrName^^} ]; then

Can someone help me understand this line.


${variable^^} is a Bash 4.x parameter expansion which yields the variable's value converted to uppercase.

The dollar sign needs to go before the opening brace, not after.

The (improperly quoted) echo | cut pipeline could similarly be written with a parameter expansion ${line%%.*}; or you could use while IFS='.' read line _; do... to split the input on the first full stop immediately when you read it.

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The ${parameter^^pattern} substitution in Bash will change the case of the characters in $parameter that matches the globbing pattern pattern to upper-case.

With no pattern, it changes the case of all characters in $parameter.

As tripleee pointed out in his answer, {$...} is a syntax error, or rather, {$HOSTNAME^^} will expand to the string {hostname^^} if your $HOSTNAME value is hostname.

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