(Wed Apr 19 14:16:47 2017) [sssd[be[xx.xx.COM]]] [sdap_get_generic_op_finished] (0x0400): Search result: Referral(10), 0000202B: `RefErr`: DSID-03100781, data 0, 1 access points

What does this mean?


As far as I understand the log structure

(<timestamp>) [sssd[<process>[<domain>]]] [<function>] (<debugLevel>) <payload|result>

your log snippet and assuming that former log lines had entries like

(<timestamp>) [sssd[be[<domain>]]] [sdap_process_message] (0x4000): Message

it means that you have probably got an

LdapReferralException with LDAP error code 10 - 0000202B, the domain or domain controller wasn't found.

In such case I would recommend to start with checking the search base DN, the configuration property ldap_referrals= and have a look into SSSD issue #3197.

sssd-users mailing list is good starting point for further research. And for more information regarding sssd_be you may have a look into: Inter-process communication between SSSD processes.

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