For the last month or so, I've been attempting to get jetbrains-toolbox to work. It used to work (and is how I installed IntelliJ IDEA and Gogland.) When I went to update the IDEA

I'm currently using Arch. Here are the things I have tried.

  1. Loading jetbrains-toolbox from within Sway.
  2. Reinstalling jetbrains-toolbox from the aur.
  3. Reinstalling jetbrains-toolbox from the Jetbrains website.
  4. Launching it with --disable-gpu
  5. Clearing ~/.local/share/JetBrains/Toolbox
  6. Googling all messages that I get.
  7. Loading jetbrains-toolbox in different DEs. I tried GNOME, KDE, and i3.

The settings file (~/local/share/JetBrains/Toolbox/.settings.json), even after being cleared by action number 5, is able to regenerate, so I assume that there is something, somewhere on my filesystem that it isn't going away. This is what I think might be causing the problems. I have verified that the settings file was deleted by looking at Thunar's trash folder. However, doing a search for my email address (contained in the settings file) from ripgrep did not turn up anything relevant.

These are the commands I ran:

  1. cd ~/ sudo rg --hidden "MY_EMAIL_HERE" >> ~/Desktop/home_search.txt
  2. cd /usr/ sudo rg --hidden "MY_EMAIL_HERE" >> ~/Desktop/home_search.txt

The only relevant results of this were: .local/share/JetBrains/Toolbox/.settings.json: "email": "MY_EMAIL_HERE", .local/share/Trash/files/Toolbox/.settings.json: "email": "MY_EMAIL_HERE",

I'm not exactly proficient with Linux, but I've been asking around for help with this for a while. If you have any advice, please have patience with me. I might be a bit stupid.

When I run it from the terminal, this is the message that shows up:

john@john ~/D/jetbrains-toolbox-1.2.2314> ./jetbrains-toolbox [0415/155414:WARNING:resource_bundle.cc(311)] locale_file_path.empty() for locale

This is a message that will show up occasionally through a system tray notification (it does not use my notification daemon):

failed to find application to url: share/jetbrains-toolbox/jetbrains-toolbox

Maybe I need some folder in /usr/share or ~/.local/share named jetbrains-toolbox? I do not have that folder in either location.

These are two log files. One is from executing ToolBox and leaving it open for a bit. Another is from uninstalling ToolBox from the aur and deleting ~/.local/share/JetBrains/Toolbox and leaving it open for a bit. They have been labeled appropriately. https://gist.github.com/gonzalezjo/4cf09eb4b7ad849df5557fd297a7061c

When I open ToolBox, I'm greeted with a black screen. After about 15 seconds, it becomes white. Here's an imgur gallery showcasing this. http://imgur.com/a/JS08D

(Note: I don't have enough reputation to include these as separate images while still including a link to the logs. Sorry about that :\)

From the moment the black screen shows to the moment it becomes white, I've timed it down to an average of 13.7 seconds using a stopwatch app on my phone and three trials. From the moment I type ./jetbrains-toolbox to the moment it becomes white, it's an average of about 16.1 seconds. Again, three trials.

My CPU is a Haswell i7 (i7-4790k) and my GPU is Pascal (Nvidia's GTX 1050). I think it's possible that this could be graphics driver or X related (or both? I am clueless here.) based off of a scary experience upgrading drivers prevented me from entering a DE. That experience was resolved after xorg (or something like that?) and the nvidia package were reinstalled.

According to nvidia-smi, my driver version is:

NVIDIA-SMI 378.13 Driver Version: 378.13

I've tried to provide all the information I can, but if anything else is needed, I'm happy to provide.

  • It will be fixed in .5xxx release by Jetbrains. I even linked the bug task from their tracker to Arch forums.
    – Kaspar
    Oct 11 '17 at 18:08

Just launch with --disable-seccomp-filter-sandbox and it should work.

I found it in https://bbs.archlinux.org/viewtopic.php?id=229859


So I spent about a month struggling with packages and downloads everywhere, with tons of googling, asking around etc., to no avail. I made this post and within about an hour, messing around in my file manager, completely clueless, I somehow managed to fix this. Welp. Sorry... Here's exactly what I did. Hurray for desperation, I guess?

  1. Install the jetbrains-toolbox package from the AUR.

  2. Go to /opt/JetBrains/Toolbox (found by looking at the PKGBUILD)

  3. Navigate to /opt/JetBrains/Toolbox/bin/ to find jetbrains-toolbox, an executable. I copied this to a folder I made in documents named ToolboxResearch/.
    (Run mkdir -p ~/Documents/ToolboxResearch/Extracted, then run cp /opt/JetBrains/Toolbox/bin/jetbrains-toolbox ~/Documents/ToolboxResearch).

  4. Navigate to ~/Documents/ToolboxResearch

  5. Extract it using Ark to the Extracted folder.

  6. You should have a file hierarchy that looks like so: ~/Documents/ToolboxResearch/Extracted/jetbrains-toolbox/. I copied this from the file path bar of Thunar, my file manager of choice, so if I made a mistake anywhere up to this point, you can rest assured that this part is correct.

  7. To avoid confusing myself with /usr/ and usr/, I ran mv ~/Documents/ToolboxResearch/Extracted/jetbrains-toolbox/usr ~/Documents/ToolboxResearch/Extracted/jetbrains-toolbox/store.

  8. I edited ~/Documents/ToolboxResearch/Extracted/jetbrains-toolbox/Jetbrains Toolbox to have these contents:

    Name=JetBrains Toolbox
    Exec=/home/john/Documents/ToolboxResearch/Extracted/jetbrains-toolbox/store/bin/jetbrains-toolbox %u

    The changes I made are specifically limited to Exec, Icon, and Terminal. I changed Terminal to true just to see what it did and I changed Icon and Exec to reflect the new file paths. I highly doubt that this did anything though.

    You will want to change "john" to reflect your home directory instead of mine.

  9. I opened ~/Documents/ToolboxResearch/Extracted/jetbrains-toolbox/store/bin/jetbrains-toolbox (again, copy-pasting from Thunar) in my editor and edited line 5, which starts with path=. I changed it to path=~/Documents/ToolboxResearch/Extracted/jetbrains-toolbox/store/share/$app.

  10. Navigated to ~/Documents/ToolboxResearch/Extracted/jetbrains-toolbox/store/bin/ in my terminal.

  11. Ran ./jetbrains-toolbox

  12. It worked!

Sorry for making this post. I Never would've thought that I'd figure this out so soon after I made it. I actually thought I was hopeless.

If someone has this problem and can't fix it even after reading this, you can leave a reply and I'll hopefully be able to help you out. My apologies if this explanation wasn't very clear.

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