Some binaries save the command line used to configure them inside the binary (I don't remember any that do, otherwise I'd check the source). Is there a way to obtain the command line used as a macro in configure.ac?

For example, if I compile my code with

./configure --foo bar CXX=g++

I would like to save --foo bar CXX=g++ to a macro in config.h so it can be output by the binary using a flag

./myprogram -V
Version 1.0, compiled using: "./configure --foo bar CXX=g++"

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configure is essentially a shell script bootstrapped from M4 macros, so you can use $* to grab all the arguments to ./configure. As per the autoconf manual you should do this right after AC_INIT, e.g.:

AC_INIT([My Program], 1.0, ...)
AC_DEFINE_UNQUOTED([CONFIG_FLAGS],["$config_flags"],[Flags passed to configure])

This will #define CONFIG_FLAGS in config.h.


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