I know there a many questions of this type. But I readed almost all and I haven't clear what are gonna do to solve.

Recently I've finished the Gentoo's installation, but before that I had W8. When I finished the Gentoo's installation, only started it Gentoo.

To solve the above situation, I started with a USB live with Ubuntu, and I installed the boot-repair, but this screwed up the thing, thing got worse; because then I reboot my computer and just appear me the grub rescue screen.

Below is my HDD partition

How can solve this through Gentoo or another distro similar? Thank you, and sorry if this question is similar than other.

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Just from the grub rescue command line I find this very useful but it sounds to me like you will need a reinstall of grub. I would say run a grub2-install on sda then emerge os-prober so that grub can find Windows and then update your grub file.

But we will need more information if Gentoo does not detect windows.

  • I've repaired the grub menu! But still doesn't appear my windows partition. I followed the instructions of this thread: askubuntu.com/questions/564496/… but doesn't works About your link, doesn't work the instructions that have wrote it. – Maclos Apr 15 '17 at 20:30

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