I use this command to find all the file in a directory that contains a specific string:

grep -lir "string" path_to directory


grep -lir "users" /var/www/mysite

This command displays all files in the specified directory that contain the string 'users'. However, I want to sort them by descending modification date; newest to the oldest.

Any help?


First we use the Z option then at the other end xargs with -0 option will catch the file names and stat them, sort and remove the timing info to reveal a sorted newest first list.

 grep -Zlir users /var/www/mysite | xargs -0 -r stat --format='%Y+%n' | sort -t+ -k 1,1nr | cut -d+ -f2-

With zsh:

print -rl ./**/*(.De_'grep -qi "string" $REPLY'_om)

This uses glob qualifiers to select only the regular files (.) that contain string (i.e. the glob results for which the expression e_'grep -qi "string" $REPLY'_ returns true) and then via om sorts the final results by mtime (newest first). Remove the D if you don't want to search for hidden files.

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