My script from source server trying ssh onto multiple servers and run the application specific command which i can say, other than Operating system commands (like cat, chmod..), i get the error like command: not found. Below is the script.

for host in $(cat hosts_list.txt)
ssh $host chk_auto_up > "cmd_output.txt"

Can anyone assist, what i have to include in the script to identify the command and run and write the output ot the file ?

I have error saying that command not found

  • Is the OS command an alias or in a non-standard path? – cerberus Apr 12 '17 at 4:19

you just edit the line:

ssh $host /path/of/chk_auto_up > "cmd_output.txt"

Define the absolute path of the command.


I found an answer that how to run external command over ssh remotely.

for host in $(cat /***/thishost/**/username/hosts_list.txt)
ssh "$host"
. /**/***/*****/*****/******.${HOST}  
chk_auto_up >> "/****/thishost/***/*****/cmd_output.txt"


  1. hosts_list.txt --> I have list of servers to login by ssh
  2. ssh "$host" --> ssh login happens on the first server.
  3. . /**/***/*****/*****/******.${HOST} --> external command binary path is available here
  4. chk_auto_up >> "/****/thishost/***/*****/cmd_output.txt" --> Run the command and writes the output to source server.

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