My script takes an input file like this


It takes the user, searches it on a page, and outputs the URL pointing the user. After this is done the input file should be changed to


The script is a while loop that starts at i=line1 and ends at the last line. So the line the loop is working on is stored in $i and the URL it got is stored in $url.

Normally i would to this with sed but i experienced problems with that if the variable contains "/". I tried it with awk:

    awk -v iv="$i" 'NR == iv' input | awk -v var="$count" '{print $0 ":"var}' 

It adds the URL at the right line, but ofc it wont help with editing input file in the way i want.

Any way to merge the 2 awk's into one so i can edit the file?

  • you can use a delimiter that won't be found in variable... for ex: # or |... echo 'foo bar' | sed 's#foo#baz#' – Sundeep Apr 11 '17 at 14:15

Just use sed with a non-/ delimiter. For example:

sed 's|foo|bar|'

But yes, you can also join the two awk commands:

awk -v iv="$i" -v var="$count" 'NR == iv{print $0 ":"var}' 

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