I'm studying on kdump which is a linux kernel crash dumping mechansim. According to documentation/kdump/kdump.txt under the kernel source tree, I need to set the kernel config option CONFIG_CRASH_DUMP=y.

Dump-capture kernel config options (Arch Independent)
1) Enable "kernel crash dumps" support under "Processor type and features":

But after make menuconfig, I cannot find "kernel crash dumps" as said, and cannot find CONFIG_CRASH_DUMP by searching file .config, why?

More info may be helpful:
- I'm using SLES11.
- Arch is X86_64
- The .config file is initially from /proc/config.gz.
- Find a option looks similar: CONFIG_CRASHER=m

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It's called 'kernel crash dumps', under the 'Processor type and features' menu.

A helpful hint: you can use '/' to search for CONFIG_ symbols in the menuconfig tool. It'll tell you where to find it.

  • Thanks. It looks like that kdump is not supported by Xen kernels prior to Service Pack 2, see "aditional information" in this post novell.com/support/…
    – xanpeng
    Apr 5, 2012 at 8:38

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