How can I set default group owner & permissions for any new file created under /data/user-name/ ?

I want any new file created under /data/user-name/ to have the following properties: 1) group owner = marketing 2) owner permissions = rwx 3) group permissions = rwx 4) other permissions = r--

touch /data/user-name/test.file
ls -lah /data/user-name/test.file

should produce

-rwxrwxr--  1 username marketing     0B Apr  7 13:23 test.file

I cannot figure out how to accomplish this. Thank you!!!


The default permissions for a new file are 0666, i.e. rw-rw-rw-. These permissions can be reduced, i.e masked off, using umask. There is no default mechanism to add execute permissions when creating a file.

  • Wow, ok. Thank you! That may be ok for my use-case. There might be some masking settings on my server, then. Do you know how to apply default group owner to new files under a directory? – Super_John Apr 8 '17 at 3:40

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