I have edited /usr/bin/vncserver so that the line defining base port number is as follows:

$vncPort = 3388 + $displayNumber;

Then: vncserver :1

My nmap shows among others:

3389/tcp open  ms-wbt-server
5900/tcp open  vnc

On the other hand:

sudo netstat -plant | grep 3389

tcp        0      0  *               LISTEN      14311/Xtightvnc 
  1. Why vnc seems to be still listening on 5900?
  2. What is ms-wbt-server?
  3. After the changes I made, shoulnd't I have vnc on 3389?

My end purpose is to map vnc to remote desktop default port 3389.



I had the same problem and solved it also modifying line 543 of vncserver (sub CheckDisplayNumber) to read like:

if (!bind(S, pack('S n x12', $AF_INET, 3388 + $n))) {

It is the procedure that checks if the requested port is free or not.

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