Is there any way to cat a file that has something like:

field1,field2,field number 3,field4,field5


(Some fields have spaces, some fields do not)

I want to print using awk $1 and $3, but only lines that do not have a space in field 3.
I don't know if there is any way to make awk print something only if it starts with , and ends with ,

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awk -F, '$3 !~ / / {print $1,$3}' input-file

Lines don't have the space in Field 3

awk -F, '{n=split($3,a," ");if(n==1){print $1,$3}}' filename
perl -F, -lane '$F[2] =~ /\s/ || print "@F[0,2]"' yourfile

sed -ne 's/^\([^,]*\),[^,]*,\([^ ,]*\)\(,.*\)\{0,\}$/\1 \2/p' yourfile

while IFS=, read -r f1 x f3 x; do case $f3 in *" "* ) : ;; * ) echo "$f1 $f3" ;; esac; done < yourfile

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