I am trying to remove the first n characters from a string I get the following error :

line 5: ${ echo $data | sed -r 's/.{ $index0 }//' }: bad substitution

when using this code from within a bash script :

data=${ echo $data | sed -r 's/.{$index}//' }

any correction please ?



  1. Command substitution is $( ... ), not ${ ... }. Regular parenthesis, not curly braces.
  2. You have $index within single-quotes, so it will not be expanded by the shell. You need double-quotes for that.
  3. Put double-quotes around $data in the echo, it makes a difference if data contains whitespace or glob characters
  4. In bash, you can just use the substring expansion data=${data:$index} to drop a number of characters from the front of the string.

Suggested reading: http://mywiki.wooledge.org/BashGuide

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