I want to compile Nano from source for my friend.

I have successfully compiled it on all of my computers and he's having Linux Mint 18.1 too.

I don't know why; or better said I don't know what is missing in his system for UTF-8 support as per this configuration message:

*** Insufficient UTF-8 support was detected in your curses and/or C
*** libraries.  If you want UTF-8 support, please verify that your slang
*** was built with UTF-8 support or your curses was built with wide
*** character support, and that your C library was built with wide
*** character support.

I tried to install various development packages and it solved several other issues, but this one I am unable to solve since I didn't manage to google much about this issue.

I am quite exhausted, so I temporarily installed the compiled Nano editor with disabled UTF-8 support on his computer.

Any clues appreciated.


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It looks like you need to install libncursesw5-dev and/or libslang2-dev; that’s what’s missing according to the config log.


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