I have a virtual Linux box running on vSphear. We have recently run out of space on a main drive within this system, for which I removed a fairly large and useless file to deal with the situation for now. I wish to assign more space at the vSphear level, and then extend a Logical Volume size on the Linux system.

My question is, if I am resizing a hard drive at the vSphear level, will this completely mess up my Linux system? What is the best way I can go about doing this?


  • No, it won't hurt anything. But depending on whether you're using partitions, or the LVM PV is using the entire raw disk, you may have to do some repartitioning, moving things around, and several reboots. I personally recommend using partitions as little as possible for this reason. LVM PV on raw disk is much easier to work with. – Patrick Apr 5 '17 at 4:17

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