I recently bought a laptop (Asus Zenbook Flip) and installed Linux Mint. Now I want to connect two external monitors. Connecting the first through the HDMI port works without problems, but for the second one, I bought a hub that supposedly works with Linux (CableMatters USB-C to HDMI).

Connecting ethernet through the hub works flawlessly, but I tried connecting a monitor with a HDMI cable (and I tried another one with a VGA cable). They are not recognized as monitors; in my display settings using “detect displays”, they are not there.

Does anyone know a solution to this, is there anything I can try to make it work?


Try opening a console and typing the following:

xrandr --auto

Make sure that you're providing electricity to the hub with your cable - it should be connected to the laptop's power cable.

Not all USB-C ports support video output, and display output from USB-C might use a standard called "DisplayPort Alt Mode", and that being a standard means that any system that supports video output over USB-C will work with any adapter like this.

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