I can disable XON/XOFF flow control:

stty -ixon

So I put this in my "~/.profile". However I have started making my own terminal with "terminfo" and "tic", and I noticed these options:

xon_xoff          xon       xo     terminal uses xon/xoff handshaking

exit_xon_mode     rmxon     RX     turn off xon/xoff handshaking

xon_character     xonc      XN     XON character

Could I compile my terminal with some of these options and avoid having to put the "stty" command in my startup file?


short: no


terminfo describes the features of a terminal. Those particular capabilities likely were added to AT&T's list of possible terminal capabilities in the late 1980s to describe some long-forgotten terminal that didn't use ^S and ^Q.

curses in general (ncurses specifically) doesn't pay any attention to these features (because no one uses them). stty doesn't pay any attention for a different reason: it ignores the terminal database, being essentially a platform-dependent program with hard-coded knowledge to fill in the cases where a default initial value is needed.

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