I noticed that I was not getting new backups on our DR so I took a look and saw that lsyncd was stuck on the server that sends to the DR via lsyncd. Our backup logs showed endless errors of "Waiting for child process to terminate." I eventually killed the lsyncd tasks since they were stuck and have since been unable to restart lsyncd. The backup to DR is configured through /etc/lsyncd.conf.

When I run status on lsyncd after I run 'systemctl start lsyncd.serivce' I get the following error:

[root@backupsteve bin]# systemctl status lsyncd.service
● lsyncd.service - Live Syncing (Mirror) Daemon
Loaded: loaded (/usr/lib/systemd/system/lsyncd.service; disabled; vendor preset: disabled)
Active: inactive (dead)

Apr  3 17:22:19 backupsteve systemd: Started Live Syncing (Mirror) 
Apr  3 17:22:19 backupsteve systemd: Starting Live Syncing (Mirror) Daemon...
Apr  3 17:22:19 backupsteve sh: Error: failure getting absolute path of [/usr/local/cherbles/archive/plause/backups/dr551-prod/sftpdrop2/latestbackup/]
Apr  3 17:22:19 backupsteve sh: Error: Cannot access source directory: /usr/local/cherbles/archive/plause/backups/dr551-prod/sftpdrop2/latestbackup/

I am able to browse to the ../dr551-prod/sftpdrop2/latestbackup just fine. and see the backups. It is just a link to the latest backup folder. This particular backup (dr551-prod) entry in the .conf file is towards the middle, but it errors on this one immediately for some reason. There are probably 20 servers in front of this. I do not have any instances of lsyncd running and I have stop/started it a good bit of times.

Thank you!


The problem was with part of my .conf file. There was an error in the code so each time it tried to start it failed trying to go to a directory that didn't exist. Maybe that will help yall!

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