According to the documentation of nfsmapid


It is possible to create your custom resolver by adding a line like this

create    id_resolver    uid:*     *    /some/other/program %k %d

In the file /etc/request-key.conf

So I created a test script that simply creates a file that prints %k %d to a local text file just o see how this would work. As I understand it each time a request for some UID or GID is generated (by doing ls -la, for example) it should invoke my script. Is this not the case?

Should I restart some service in order to get this to work? Also how would I return the value (string) of the UID or GID that is being queried?

  • Such a great unanswered question.
    – u17
    Nov 22, 2018 at 14:52


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