When browsing to trash:/// in Nautilus, I see a long list of files and directories that I recognize and remember placing in the trash. However, attempting to delete them from Nautilus either results in a Preparing message indefinitely, or an error message Error while deleting. You do not have sufficient permissions to delete the file "_____".

I've already emptied ~/.local/share/Trash/files as my regular user, and that directory does not exist as the root user.

I've downloaded the trash tool from the AUR to confirm my findings: running trash -l or trash -e as my regular user and root both confirm that the trash can is empty.

I can clearly see that it is not empty though. I'm able to browse through the directories using nautilus and open these files.

How can I locate these files in order to permanently delete them?


In my home directory (using KDE Plasma 5.5.x Konsole) I did

micha@linux-micha: ~
$ find | grep -i trash | head

So, what's .config/trashrc showing in your case Empty=true or Empty=false? Then, what's inside your .local/share/Trash/info directory? How much do things match up?

Let me know. -- Regards, Micha


This problem was actually being caused by having a .Trash-1000 folder on the external drive itself, with all the contents I was seeing in Nautilus within it.

In order to delete these files, I had to remount that drive as writable:

sudo mount -o remount,rw /partition/identifier /mount/point

After this point, I was able to rm -rf .Trash-1000/ on the drive, and the files were no longer visible as part of the Trash within Nautilus.

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