Situation: I am building Pantheon from AUR on Arch Linux.

Problem: I have issues building appcenter-bzr. On appcenter-bzr's page, there is a comment saying to "You want to add the -DVLA flag to the make command of the appstream package arch linux'". I tried make -DVLA appstream after manually downloading appstream and it states that there are no such options

Question: I do not understand what it meant by that. Can someone enlighten me?

Additional information: I posted on Arch BBS and no one replied me so I turned to Unix StackExchange.


Without knowing the Makefile, it's hard to tell. But you should do this:

make appstream DVLA=
  • Ah yes, I finally found the tutorial (shame on me for not noticing) on the appstream Git. We are supposed to run cmake -DVAPI=ON .. to do build cmake with Vala API. But thank you! – Timothy Wong Apr 2 '17 at 14:16

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