I want to find out all scripts with a specific shebang line. Specifically, I want all files that match the following criteria:

  • It's mostly a plain text file (stuffs created by gzexe don't look very friendly)
  • The 1st line contains solely #!/bin/sh or #! /bin/sh (with a space)

I would like to do this with find, sed and grep (file available).
File names are useless, because some scripts don't have extensions or even have wrong extensions. Also a something.sh may have a shebang line of #!/bin/bash which is also not what I wanted.

Besides, sometimes I would come across a file like this:


The 1st line is empty and the shebang is located at the 2nd line, which is not what I wanted.
I am able to find shebang lines with find|grep but I don't know how to find lines specifically on the 1st line of a file.
Thanks for any help in advance.

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    So do you need to match the #! on the second line, or only the first? – Stephen Rauch Apr 2 '17 at 5:00

If you have GNU grep

grep -rIzl '^#![[:blank:]]*/bin/sh' ./
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If you don't care about which line the #!/bin/sh occurs in a file, then you can try:

find -type f -exec bash -c 'grep -r "^#!.*\/bin\/sh" $1 1> /dev/null && echo $1' _ {} \;

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for f in ./*; do
   [ -f "$f" ] && [ -x "$f" ] &&
      file -b "$f" | grep -wq text &&
         head -n 1 "$f" | grep -qP '^#!\s*/bin/sh' &&
            printf '%s\n' "$f"
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