I have two strings :

string1: platform1-05_02_00.001:platform
string2: platform1-domino-05_02_00.001:platform

in the first one, the version (05_02_00.001) is to be changed, at first I tried the regular expression:

sed -i 's/platform1-.*:platform/platform1-06:hybrisb/g' file

but it changes the 2 strings. That's why i'm looking for some regex to tell the sed to look for the string where the isn't "domino" (not containing domino)

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One way to do it:

sed '/domino/! s/platform1-.*:platform/platform1-06:hybrisb/g' file

/domino/! selects lines that don't match domino.

  • this solution works only if the the 2 strings were on seperate lines which is not my case Apr 3, 2017 at 7:41
  • @mohamedwaelthabet You might find it less embarrassing to try out your claim before posting. Apr 3, 2017 at 9:27

Consider skipping lines that contain "platform-domino" with the n command:

sed '/platform1-domino/ n; s/platform1-.*:platform/platform1-06:hybrisb/g' file

Or, search and replace, but eliminating the letters as possibilities for the match:

sed 's/platform1-[^d][^o][^m][^i][^n][^o].*:platform/platform1-06:hybrisb/g' file

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