I tried to install a now theme for my Debian 8 Mate. I installed gtk2-engines-murrine:amd64.deb. as there was missing dependances, I deleted but, I deleted too many packages and now I don't have any theme. I tried to install what I deleted but nothing can revert (gtk2-engines is already installed,capture of apparences settings).

This is the result of cat /var/log/apt/history.log.

Start-Date: 2017-03-30  21:25:02
Commandline: apt-get -f install
Upgrade: gtk2-engines-murrine:amd64 (0.90.3+git20100810-0ubuntu1,
End-Date: 2017-03-30  21:25:03

Start-Date: 2017-03-30  21:25:38
Commandline: apt-get autoremove gtk2-engines-murrine
Remove: murrine-themes:amd64 (0.98.8), gtk2-engines-murrine:amd64 (, mate-themes:amd64 (1.9.2-1), gstreamer1.0-libav:amd64 (1.4.4-2)
End-Date: 2017-03-30  21:25:40

Start-Date: 2017-03-30  21:25:54
Commandline: apt-get autoremove gtk2-engines
Remove: dmz-cursor-theme:amd64 (0.4.4), gtk2-engines:amd64 (2.20.2-3)
End-Date: 2017-03-30  21:25:55

Start-Date: 2017-03-30  21:28:51
Commandline: apt-get install dmz-cursor-theme gtk2-engines
Install: dmz-cursor-theme:amd64 (0.4.4), gtk2-engines:amd64 (2.20.2-3)
End-Date: 2017-03-30  21:28:53

Start-Date: 2017-03-30  21:29:50
Commandline: apt-get install gtk2-engines-murrine
Install: murrine-themes:amd64 (0.98.8, automatic), gtk2-engines-murrine:amd64 (
End-Date: 2017-03-30  21:29:59

After reinstalling mate-themes package, it works. There is just a little problem, icons are truncated, I don't remember if there was the same at the first installation of Debian Mate : screen capture.

Problem with icon fixed, I restarted the computer and now, all is normal !


Try using the --purge flag. When you did apt-get autoremove package it only removed the package contents and left the config files. Try

apt-get autoremove --purge <package>

to remove all the files and then

apt-get install --reinstall <package>

for a clean installation of the package.

  • Thank for your response, even if I reinstall packages I deleted, the problem persists. There is no mean to install the theme package by default ? I lost all the basic theme installed with mate. – Ben Mar 31 '17 at 12:25
  • Did you try reinstalling the mate-themes also? In your log file it shows it was autoremove but I don't see where you reinstalled it with gtk2. Not saying it's the fix but it couldn't hurt to try. If you try to install other theme packs such as the gtk2-themes-lite (i think that's the name), do they appear in your settings? – Aaron Nelson Mar 31 '17 at 12:47
  • I'm not real sure about icons. I want to say I've changed them before on my laptop but it's been awhile. I would guess that you will probably need to use something like gnome-tweak-tool or dconf-editor which will help you customize many aspects of your desktop. – Aaron Nelson Mar 31 '17 at 13:20

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