as mentionned above, I would like to execute a programme that plays music at certain hour automatically. I tried using crontab but no outcome. This is what I put in crontab:

8 15 30 3 4 python play_music.py

Without the scheduler, the python script is working. I wonder if using crontab is a solution to my problem as crontab might execute the program in its environment.

Does any one have an idea or other solutions? Thanks in advance.

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    try python /fullpath/to/play_music.py as the cron user will not know where your python script lives. You are correct that running from cron will be in a different environment, check your permissions. – rob Mar 30 '17 at 14:07

The path used inside the crontab file can be different form the one defined inside your interactive shell, and many variables are not set at all.

You could add a PATH=$HOME/bin:$PATH line to your crontab file, or just use absolute paths.

PD:If your script uses X11, you should set your $DISPLAY variable.

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