It seems that curl doesn't have the ability to do that, and wget can do the job. (doing this on Mac OS X)


wget -r --no-parent http://localhost:8080

will download to a folder called localhost:8080


wget -r --no-parent http://localhost:8080 -P sample

will download to a folder called sample/localhost:8080

is there a way just to download to sample (without the localhost:8080 part?)

P.S. I am downloading localhost:8080 because node.js can serve my page that was written in React JS, but the "compiled file" bundle.js is no way to be found in my whole directory, so I just use wget to do the job and it also can download index.html and those files in style/ or css/ also.

wget -r http://localhost:8080 -P sample -nH

, where -nH (or --no-host-directories) will not create the host directory.

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