I'm looking for a terminal emulator which will work properly with 132 column switching when used with vt420 escape sequences.

I have seen xterm & gnome-terminal can adjust to 132 column manually but they adjust the window size and do not listen to escape sequences.

Is there a way to get the font to adjust when switching from 80 to 132 columns in vt420 mode in any open source terminal?


short: no


80/132-column switching is a vt100 feature. vt100 is a subset of vt420. xterm has a workable vt420 emulation, and will identify as a vt420. The other available choices neither have a workable vt420 emulation, nor do they identify themselves as such.

In xterm, the 80/132-column switching feature is optional, controlled by the c132 resource because some users decided it is a nuisance (actually they phrased the criticism as a "security problem"). vte (the emulator under the skin "gnome-terminal") and other terminals such as KDE konsole do not make that distinction.

KDE konsole probably could be modified to do this; unlike the other terminals its developers have chosen to scale fonts in preference to changing the window size. But it's not a currently implemented feature.

  • Thank you for your answer. Currently we are using PowerTerm (it's proprietary and expensive). It would be good to find a solution which is open source and doesn't cost as much. – map7 Apr 4 '17 at 4:34

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