Something weird happened while running an rsync command.

I first mounted a Windows share to copy files to like this:

mount -t cifs //myserver/share] /media/s

Then ran rsync command below

sudo rsync -avprP /* /media/s/Backup --exclude '/backups' '/media'

Now that I look at it, did the above rsync command not exclude /media, but actually back up to it? Guessing I put the --exclude in wrong order or syntax?

Thanks in advance.


Yes, --exclude only takes a single argument. Try --exclude '/backups' --exclude '/media'. (Actually, you don't need the single quotes around either of those, but they don't hurt.)

  • Thank you! So would the above command explain why my entire server was copied to /media/media? I want to make sure before I delete the contents of /media/media/* :) Thanks! – 916 Networks Mar 29 '17 at 21:09
  • The existing command will copy everything under / except /backups, plus an extra copy of /media/s/Backup in addition, into bare /media. Thus, /media/media will contain a duplicate of everything that was previously under /media. You can probably delete all that, though you should make sure it's actually superfluous as a sanity check. – Tom Hunt Mar 29 '17 at 21:17

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