I have two lines in editor as you can see below

3  àáâ
4  aaa

Based on these two lines, I'd like to get the result below

'à' => 'a',
'á' => 'a',
'â' => 'a',

Any ideas?


If you have repetitive tasks to do, you can record a macro.

For example here,

qajxkphi'Escla' => 'Escla',Enter Escq


  • qa : start recording macro a
  • jxkp: go down one line, erase-copy one character, go up, print it
  • hi'Esc : go left, insert one ', go back to normal mode
  • la' => ',Esc : go right, append after the current character ' => ', go back to normal mode
  • la'EnterEsc : go right, append ', and a newline, and go back to normal mode.
  • q : stop recording

To use the macro (and confirm that it works), place yourself on the first character and press @a. The result is:

'à' => 'a',

and you're in the second line. Press 2@a to execute the macro twice and get:

'à' => 'a',
'á' => 'a',
'â' => 'a',

Place the below 3 map-pings in your ~/.exrc file and then load the file in vi|vim|gvim you wanted edited. Bring the cursor anywhere on the line where you want the transformation, and just depress the Q key in ESC mode of vi and this recursive macro will do the rest. N.B.: the ^M are not to be literally and they are inserted into the file by pressing the following keycombo: <Ctrl><V> <Ctrl><M>

:map q :s/./&\r/^M
:map v :s/\(.\) \(.\)/'\1' => '\2',/^M
:map Q :/^^M-q+q-dd-P-Jv+Q

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