I'm trying to get a small script running to display information about CPU and GPU usage. The script is complete and outputs information in the following format

  CPU     2%    37C
  GPU     0%    56C

I'm also displaying it via xosd using the second script:


file=$(mktemp --suffix=osdtmp)

tail -f $file | osd_cat -o 30 -i 5 -d 1 -l 2 - &

while true; do
    ./temps.sh >> $file

rm -f $file

The script reads any changes from the file and refreshes the two lines displayed on screen. My problem is that whenever the data is refreshed there is a noticeable flicker, which is quite annoying.

I don't have to use xosd, but this seemed to be the best tool for the job.

How can I display a small text overlay and refresh it periodically without it flickering?

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