I'm currently running Mac OS Sierra. I don't know exactly how, but somehow I've altered some permissions and think it'd be a good idea to reset them, but I do not know how. Each time I execute sudo, I am met with this warning: sudo: /var/db/sudo/ts is group writable

The command executes fine, but it seems to be a good idea to fix that. Please advise.


0 dr-x------ 4 root wheel 136 Mar 28 11:34 . 0 dr-x-w---- 5 root wheel 170 Mar 28 10:38 .. 8 -rw--w---- 1 root wheel 80 Jan 27 00:51 zacadmin 8 -rw------- 1 root wheel 80 Mar 28 12:00 zbrown

  • please edit your question, and add the result of ls -lsa /var/db/sudo/ts to make sure that the problem is clear. – Yaron Mar 28 '17 at 14:53

The following command will remove write permission from group on file /var/db/sudo/ts

sudo chmod g-w /var/db/sudo/ts

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