May I use full Ubuntu in a not bootable hard drive?

My hard drive can't boot (320GB). I used it just as a storing device.

But then I remember the power of Linux, and thought there could possibly be a way of booting from a flash-drive and then switch to full Ubuntu in the hard drive. Is it possible?

  • You want to boot the extra drive, or read its contents? Mar 28 '17 at 5:13
  • Boot. I'm already able to read contents. Mar 28 '17 at 5:16
  • What makes your hard drive non-bootable? 320 MB may be small, but there are distributions that fit entirely in that space. A full Ubuntu won't, but Puppy Linux will
    – Fox
    Mar 28 '17 at 6:23
  • I'm sorry. I mistake. It's 320GB. Mar 30 '17 at 3:44

Yes, it's possible, even you can use floppy disc to boot linux. Or you can install lilo or grub on your primary booting hard drive, and configure it that it point to linux from this not booting HD. (is it really only 320MB)?

  • 320MB? -> Yes. It's a laptop HD. It's the only one I have. I'm a poor man in a poor land. Mar 28 '17 at 5:23
  • I'm not sure if its enough for any modern linux distribution, but you can always try.
    – darvark
    Mar 28 '17 at 6:16
  • I'm sorry. I mistake. It's 320GB Mar 30 '17 at 3:44
  • I think I can use grub with Puppy Linux which I launch from a flash drive. Mar 30 '17 at 3:54
  • I've successfully installed full ubuntu 16.04 in the HDD and launched it initiating from a flash-drive. I did it using Grub. Thank you. Apr 2 '17 at 2:15

Due to you can read contents, so you can use chroot command to change root, then run the system in your external hard drive.

  • is "chroot" a ubuntu command? I can't start ubuntu yet. But someone commented something about installing grub on the primary booting drive. I think I can use grub with Puppy Linux which I launch from a flash drive. Mar 30 '17 at 3:52
  • most linux has chroot command
    – eexpress
    Mar 30 '17 at 18:09

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