How to change sort order with shortcuts? I know that I can put that in ~/.config/mc/mc.keymap file but what exactly to type?


Yes, of course you can put your preferred shortcuts in ~/.config/mc/mc.keymap to override the default in /etc. don't forget to put the section. e.g [main] , [panel].

if you want to change the default keymap, but you don't know what to type, you can always refer the format in /etc/mc/mc.default.keymap

this is mine

Sort = alt-!
SortPrev =
SortNext =
SortReverse = alt-@
SortByName = alt-#
SortByExt = alt+$
SortBySize = alt-%
SortByMTime =  alt-^

according to Use a hotkey to toggle between two preferred sort orders and sort hotkey

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