How can I set custom application which is being invoked when I press "Differences" button in "File Conflict" dialog?

File Conflict Dialog

I did not find corresponding option in "File Management Preferences".
I did not find it using "dconf Editor" in org.mate.caja.*.
I did not find it in files located at /usr/share/caja and ~/.config/caja.
Where is this option being stored at?


Do you have meld installed? If so, the "Differences..." button is provided as part of meld's integration. To change the application invoked would apparently require uninstallation of meld (in which case the "Differences..." button will no longer be present) and installation of a custom application designed to similarly integrate with caja.

Bit of background... The "Differences..." button wasn't present in my caja install. I ran across a comment at https://superuser.com/questions/1436673/vimdiff-show-differences-with-only-parent-rows#comment2168027_1436673 indicating that meld integrates with caja. On installing meld and restarting caja, the "Differences..." button was there and invoked meld.

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