I'm using Telegram Desktop on Debian 8.7. It starts automatically even though I've not created any .desktop file under ~/.kde/Autostart. It's quite annoying as I don't want its window to show up maximised but I'd rather start it with the --startintray flag. I've also tried to create the .desktop file under the Autostart folder but that seems to not override this weird behaviour. By opening the running services I can see why this occurs (why telegram opens by itself), I get the following hint when I go over "Telegram" with the cursor:



I fixed it! KDE was saving the session upon shutdown and restoring it upon startup, thus reopening all programs.

I disabled it under Startup and Workspace > Startup and Shutdown > Desktop Session > On Login > Start with an empty session. (Restore previous session was the default)

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    It worked for me, although in KDE 5.15 I found that option under Workspace then Statup and Shutdown. – Jamo Jun 12 '19 at 15:12

Remove it from ~/.config/autostart/. Or, if it is present in /etc/xdg/autostart, then copy it to ~/.config/autostart/ and edit it as desired.


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