I'm currently editing the agnoster theme from oh-my-zsh to my preferences, and was wondering if there is some way to color the names of directories in the status bar based off depth. Something like...


I was initially using the powerline package from the ubuntu repo, but found it to be slow so I switched to zsh themes. While using powerline I was kind of able to do what I wanted, but could only change the color of the current working directory. My configuration was something like...

"cwd": {"fg": 'color', "bg": 'color', "attrs": []}

"cwd:current_folder": {"fg": 'color', "bg": 'color', "attrs": []}

Any help in creating this rainbow monstrosity would be greatly appreciated. I'm on Ubuntu 16.04 using Terminator if that matters.


You can create a function which does it. It's not perfect, absolutely no portable but it seems to works. To use it in $PS1 you just have to change $fg_ and $bg_ (with %F/%B or $fg/$bg, I don't remember) and setup and precmd hook (add-zsh-hook precmd function_precmd) with a function you will create and that will modify a variable used in $PS1.

To customize the function, you just need to set PRE_ASSOC correctly.

function colorize_array () {
    local reset='\033[0m'

    for (( i = 1; i <= $# ; i++ )); do

        if (( $+PRE_ASSOC[$i] )); then
        elif (( $+PRE_ASSOC[$(( $i - $# - 1 ))] )) ;then
            pre=$PRE_ASSOC[$(( $i - $# - 1 ))]
        echo -n -e $pre$@[$i]$reset

typeset -A fg_ bg_ 
typeset -A PRE_ASSOC

fg_=([black]="\033[30m" [white]="\033[37m" [red]="\033[31m" [yellow]="\033[33m" [cyan]="\033[36m")
bg_=([black]="\033[40m" [white]="\033[47m" [red]="\033[41m" [yellow]="\033[43m" [cyan]="\033[46m")

PRE_ASSOC=([default]="$fg_[cyan]/" [1]="$fg_[red]"  [-1]="$fg_[yellow]/")

local pwd="${PWD/#$HOME/~}"

out=$(colorize_array $pwd_list)
echo $out

The code is far from being perfect, but it works.

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