When I use tab completion on an argument after ls command it works, but when I use it after some script argument (see second example below) it does not work. I have checked that tab completion is enabled. How to make tab completion run for all commands?

Note: I'm running this in a screen session (on Ubuntu) if that matters.

user$ echo $SHELL
user$ grep completion ~/.bashrc
if [ -f /etc/bash_completion ] && ! shopt -oq posix; then
    . /etc/bash_completion
user$ ls test[TAB]

user$ ./script.sh >& test[TAB]  <-- "no output"

Bash version: GNU bash, version 4.3.11(1)-release (x86_64-pc-linux-gnu)


Try the equivalent:

$ ./script.sh &> test[TAB]

The &> is the preferred syntax for redirecting both stdout and stderr to a file.

Tab-completion sees that (>&) as some other syntax and doesn't show the files.

  • Thanks, how did you figure this out?
    – user13107
    Mar 27 '17 at 3:41

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