How to jump back and forward a few seconds in Deadbeef?

Can it be done by keyboard? Left/right arrows do nothing by themselves or with Ctrl or other key.

I have the impression that this option must exist but I don't seem to find it.

(I don't think db version 0.7.2 is affected by this old issue but the idea is similar.)

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I haven't touch those settings for a while - they are a bit hidden.

Go to Preference - Hotkeys

Click 'Add', then the button for 'Action'.

enter image description here

Go under Main, then Playback to select the action.

enter image description here

Then select 'Key combination' and click Apply.

These and other settings are saved in ~/.config/deadbeef/config along other configuration files.

enter image description here

Backup ~/.config/deadbeef/ to keep such settings for a future installation.

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