I need to process a lot of elements (pictures) within an active tab of Opera, one by one as follows.

Once an URL is open, there are about 10-20 elements (pictures sliding from right to left) to process.

First I need to view code of an element#1 (that is picture#1) to find out whether it has characters/lines/numbers I want; manually I would do it by pressing Ctrl+Shift+C in Opera to invoke the tab "Elements" appearing on the right part of the screen and go into it.

Then I need to search through a ton of HTML elements for a line which in a short version looks like this:

> "<li class="popup-slider-list-item popup-slider-list-item-#NNN"
> data-image="https:addressofpicture1.jpg" style="background-image:
> url(&quot;https://anotheraddressofpicture.jpg&quot;);"><span
> class="popup-slider-list-item-fade tr-opacity-03"></span><span
> class="popup-slider-list-item">{myVotes}</span><span
> class="popup-slider-list-item"></span></li>"

(it is all one line, ">" should be removed). My observation is that the part I need for each picture is within ""

If I find a certain characters/numbers/words within the above mess (sorry, elements) I should process the picture, otherwise I skip to element#2 (picture#2), etc..

I started off my script like this:

for i in {1..3000}
# I expect up to 3000 pictures to process

    opera -activetab https://url#1
    # this is the first problem - 
    # I need Opera browser to open an URL within CURRENT active tab,
    # not a new one, but "-activetab" still opens a new tab for my kubuntu

    # here should be my script.  


Please guide me in the right direction - which commands do I need?

(I am starting to read up about xdotool - would that be enough?).

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