Is there a specific command that will display the owner, group, and permissions for a user or will I need to run more than one command?

I just created the user "guest" in the /home/ directory and would like to display this information. What command(s) can I use to find out this information? Are there even ownership for users or does that only apply to directories?

  • Owner group and permissions are associated with files, not users, so you probably want something like ls -ld /home/guest – thrig Mar 21 '17 at 14:15
  1. Owner: None, users do not have owners.

  2. Groups:

    groups guest
  3. Permissions (Gnome GUI, part of gnome-system-tools package on Ubuntu variants):


Permissions are for files and directories. There are separate permissions for the owner and a group. Users can belong to groups.

To show the permissions for files and directories:

ls -l <filename | directory>

To show the groups a user belongs to

groups <username>

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