I'm currently using Windows 10 and I'm thinking about switching to a linux distro.

There are some things I can't get used to though and one of them is the fact that whenever there is an open context menu the next click (left or right), no matter where it's triggered, just closes the context menu.

To understand what I mean right click on the desktop, the context menu opens, now right click again and the context menu disappears. On windows the same action opens the context menu again, or if i left click an item on the desktop it selects the item while also closing the context menu.

Video showcasing the "problem".

Is it possible to change this behavior? Make it behave like on Windows?

EDIT This is the same on all distros I have tried Ubuntu, Chakra (KDE), Manjaro (XFCE), Linux Lite (XFCE), PCLinuxOS (MATE), Elementary, Deepin, Zorin, Fedora (Gnome). Only one that behaves like Windows is Solus, but only on the desktop, in other programs it was the same. For example in a browser open context menu then try clicking a link, the context menu closes, but the link is not opened.

  • For the benefit of other answerers, I gather from your screencast (well done, btw) that you tried "Linux Lite", which is Ubuntu-based and ships with Xfce as default. (Unlike Windows, there's about a handful of major "desktop environments", which are basically the software responsible for start menu, desktop context menu etc.) – Ulrich Schwarz Mar 19 '17 at 19:22

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