I have few dedicated servers and couple VPS'es. I have to perform a list of copy paste commands (mostly) on all of them.

Total commands are around 18, a few of them require manual entry my me though.

So how to create or achieve such thing? I believe I'll have to create a .sh script? But how?

Most of the commads are like "wget install -zip"

Install unzip
Install etc

Wget abc.com/file.zip
Unzip file.zip
Cd file
Sh run.sh



There is several options <command1>; <command2>; <command3> so split commands with semicolon, then next command will be executed when previous finish.

Second option is to split with && <command1>&& <command2>&& <command3>, then next command will be executed when previous finish with success.

And next option is to write bash script, but in your case you should write script, starting from:

#!/bin/bash <execute first command> <execute second command> <execute third command>

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