I have two servers: 1.EOS(Linux RHEL 4) and 2.domain1(Solaris 10)

In EOS, ftp rcp scp is blocked.

In EOS, I have some backup files of oracle database saved in /user/orac/monthly/ path. My backup end at 9pm. Three backup file are generated per day. I want to copy these three files to my domain1 server. Manually I copied from EOS to domain1 like the following command:

rcp -p EOS:/user/orac/monthly/daily_backup_ORAC_edshhyjjak_3445_1 .

But it is easier for one specific file. But how to find the current dated files and copy them (three files) to my local server?

Files are like this,

-rw-r--r-- 1 oracle dba 9835748338 Mar 18 20:40  daily_backup_ORAC_e6rvgtgt_3445_1
-rw-r--r-- 1 oracle dba   54546677 Mar 18 20:40  daily_backup_ORAC_e7rvfght_3446_1
-rw-r--r-- 1 oracle dba 5454555666 Mar 18 20:40  daily_backup_ORAC_e8rvfdhj_3447_1

These three files of today's date to be copied to domain1:/database/backup_eos/ path

Alos tried

find /user/orac/monthly/ -name daily_backup_ORAC_*' -mtime -exec rcp -p "{}" domain1:/database/backup_eos/ \;

But it is giving error as rcp is blocked in EOS! I have to run this command in domain1 which will find current date files in EOS of this /user/orac/monthly/ path and copy in domain1 /database/backup_eos/ path.


in EOS at the end of backup run

find /user/orac/monthly/ -name 'daily_backup_ORAC_*' -mtime -1 -print > /var/tmp/todays_backup.txt

in domain1 do

rcp EOS:/var/tmp/todays_backup.txt /var/tmp
for f in $(< /var/tmp/todays_backup.txt)
    rcp -p EOS:$f /database/backup_eos/

this way, find is done locally, and domain2 only has to fetch list and get file.

if $(< ) is not supported use

 while read f
 done < /var/tmp/todays_backup.txt
  • Yes it is working :-)
    – Nainita
    Mar 20 '17 at 11:54

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