I have already successfully paired and connected to my smartphone device. Now when i send files from my phone to my Laptop the files will not be sended. How can i send and recieve files using bluetoothctl on Debian 8.7? Can any one give me some source for reading, i can't find much about bluetoothctl on internet.


The bluetoothctl is used only to control your bluetooth devices , to transfer your file you should use another tools for example obexftp :

apt install obexftp

man obexftp :

obexftp is used to access files on mobile equipment, i.e. cell phones. 
With obexftpd you can transfer files between any computers using IrDA, 
Bluetooth and TCP/IP

To get the file bar from directory foo from the first bluetooth device:

obexftp -b -c foo -g bar

or using the MAC_Address :

obexftp -b MAC_address -g bar

To send the file bar to directory foo with device on first serial port:

obexftp -t /dev/ttyS0 -c foo -p bar

Or using the MAC_Address :

obexftp -b MAC_address -p bar


-p source, --put source
-g source, --get source
-b device, --bluetooth device
-t device, --tty device
  • Running the commands of obexftp doesn't do anything. It prints that its browsing the MAC_Address Device, but cant find and connect to it. I have bluwtoothctl on and my device connected to my laptop. – amirt Apr 11 '17 at 6:44

Concerning receiving files, roughly the following seems to work (following the instructions on https://www.raspberrypi.org/forums/viewtopic.php?t=146328). Yet quite unstable in my setup:

  • Make sure bluetoothd is started in compatibility mode, I did this by a hacky sudo systemctl stop bluetoothctl.service; sudo bluetoothd -C
  • Start obexpushd: sudo obexpushd -d (in debug mode, so you see if something happens)
  • In bluetoothctl:
    • power on
    • pairable on
    • discoverable on

Again, this, at least in my case is not very reliable and enabling/disabling bluetooth and redoing the procedure sometimes works.

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