I have a custom systemd service that runs during the first boot.

If the user has no bootsplash I would like to write to the console and give some info on what's going on. Is there a way to do that from my service?

Here's my systemd service:

Description=Prepare operator after installation
Before=getty@tty1.service getty@tty2.service getty@rrt3.service getty@tty4.service getty@tty5.service getty@tty6.service
After=network.target network-online.target


  • selinux-autorelabel.service does this with StandardInput=tty [sic], but I don't know how it works if you do have a bootsplash. – sourcejedi Mar 17 '17 at 15:11

In man systemd.directives, you can search for "output" and find that StandardOutput= is documented in in man systemd.exec. There you can find options including journal+console to send output to the systemd Journal and the system console. You might also try kmsg+console. According to the docs kmsg "connects standard output with the kernel log buffer which is accessible via dmesg(1),"

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I did it like this. I don't have a login prompt in tty1. So it does not show MOTD out of the box.

ExecStartPre=/bin/sleep 10
ExecStart=-/bin/cat /etc/motd

Where oneshot says: exec only once. Restart=no requirement of oneshot. Not sure why there are two ExecStart and why "-", this was copy and paste. I added After= / ExecStartPre= because the message did not show up, probably screen was cleared by someone else. So it should be after target "login prompt".

Disclaimer: Use this answer as a collection of ideas. I didn't want them to get lost. Do your own research if you have any questions and feel free to contribute your findings.

This was done on Debian stretch w/o X.

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