I have set vi-mode in my ~/.inputrc. The command-mode keybinds seem to work fine whereas the insert-mode keybindings do not have any effect at all.

Specifically, the following are my insert mode mappings from my ~/.input

# these are for vi-insert mode
set keymap vi-insert
"\e\e[A": history-search-backward
"\e\e[B": history-search-forward
Control-l: clear-screen
Control-p: previous-history
Control-n: next-history
# Two escapes clear command line. (Use C-c or \eC\eC instead)
"\e\e": "\e0\C-ki"

None of these mappings work in insert mode. I have the same mappings in command-mode and they all work fine.

As a concrete example, if I press C-l in the bash shell on gnome-terminal, it simply echoes ^L on the screen, whereas in command mode, it correctly clears the screen. I do not understand why this is happening?

How can I fix this problem, and get insert-mode vi keybindings to work with the GNU readline library?



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