I've been using screen -dRaA -S x to open up a single session between different workstations as I move about. Handy.

Is it possible to connect multiple times to a single session, though, without disconnecting others? When I have two machines I'm quickly moving between even reconnecting starts to slow me down.



screen -aAxR -S x

-x is the option that does what you want.

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screen -x is the option you want (coupled with whichever other options you desire).

The -x replaces -R in this case.

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I'm personally a fan of:

$ screen -rxU

-r resumes a detached screen session -x resumes a not-detached screen session -U tells the terminal to use UTF-8 encoding (which I use exclusively)

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screen -x SCREEN_NAME

From GNU Screen man page:

-x Attach to a not detached screen session. (Multi display mode).

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I stumbled upon this now, 4 years later.

There is an alternative perfect for what this question requires:

tmux to start a new session, and to attach to it use tmux attach

If there are more than one session, use tmux attach -t SESSION_NAME which is available through tmux ls or bottom of the screen.

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