I have two programs (mplayer and a custom java application) which both present GUI using framebuffers. They run in separate processes. I want to be able to switch from one program to the other without ending/killing the process of the other(the reason is that launching the java program takes a lot of time). I want to simulate sending one of the two programs to background and hiding its GUI and showing the other program's gui.

I am running this on a Raspberry Pi, Debian distribution.


Is it possible to pause the programs with ctrl+z and then use fg to resume them? I do not have a framebuffer setup so I can not test.

For example:

  1. start mplayer, press ctrl+z
  2. start the java program, press ctrl+z
  3. run jobs to the see list of paused programs
  4. run fg %2 to resume the java program, press ctrl+z to pause it again

If this works, you can also use bg to resume the programs in the background.


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